Our School

School viewSt. Paul’s Bay Primary School reflects a changing Malta. While back in 1956 the school was inaugurated to meet the educational needs of the children of a small fishing settlement and its satellite hamlets, it is now catering for the ever sprawlings  settlements of St. Pauls’ Bay, Bugibba and Qawra. Moreover, what was once a summer seaside resort has now changed into a popular residential area attracting people from other places all over the island. With the influx of foreign people settling in Malta, St. Paul’s Bay Primary has additionally attracted a marked proportion of students of a foreign origin. Today the school’s population hovers around the eight hundred mark, with around eighty students coming from twenty countries, mostly from Europe and North Africa. In view of all this is therefore expected that the intake of students of St. Paul’s Bay Primary contains a marked characteristic of cultural, religious and social diversity.

With this perspective in mind the management and staff of the school are nontheless determined to provide a pleasant pitchlearning environment where the needs of all the students are addressed.

Staff participation is effective and effecient. Beside the excellent work carried in classrooms, staff members are also members of different focus groups namely: Environmental Education, ICT, Health and Safety, Cultural Awareness, St. Paul’s Heritage and Literacy. In these groups teachers, KA’s and LSA’s simultaneously work on specific areas, bringing about a synergy of ideas, change and innovation.

The School Council

Every three years the School Council is elected following an election held amongst parents and members of staff.

The School Council works to give the best possible to our students. The school council manages funds to be used for school improvement projects, resources for staff and children and also other major projects.

The members of the School Council are:

Ms. Beatrix Asciak (President)

Ms. Josette Dalmas (Secretary/Treasurer)

Mr. Mark Azzopardi (Teacher)

Ms. Judith Dimech (LSA)

Ms. Sharon Darmanin (KA)

Ms. Tania Calleja (Parent)

Ms. Tedia Ann Church (Parent)

Ms. Milicent Borg (Parent)