Innovative Schools Programme

The global Innovative Schools Programme seeks to promote 21st century learning opportunities for students in the selected countries around the world. In each of the countries, an Innovative School is working to design and implement new and locally-relevant strategies for technology-supported teaching and learning, supported by a local Microsoft partner and a worldwide community of practice.

The aim of the Microsoft Innovative Schools Programme in Malta, particularly, the Pathfinder School Programme is to help the selected school build on its successes and continue implementing even further innovative practices in its daily operations.

St Paul’s Bay Primary School was selected as a Pathfinder School in the global competition because of its willingness to think differently, its commitment to innovation and its proven ability to change and improve.

The School is now part of a Mentor Group with a Mentor school assisting with knowledge and advice on innovative school practices and a set of other Pathfinder schools collaborating together in a learning community whilst implementing the respective plans. The Group that Malta is participating in is Group 1 and the other schools hail from Australia, Ireland, Portugal and the Netherlands.

The present

In line with the motto of Maria Regina College, “Always Creative, Innovative, Professional” St. Paul’s Bay Primary has always shown the willingness to think outside the box and committed itself to innovate its practices.

Some recent examples are:

–         The setting up of the eLearning Focus Group as an integral part of the School Development Plan

–         The school website

–         The setting up of class websites

–         Integration of ICT in the School Development Plan

–         etwinning projects

–         Comenius project

–         Head of School’s Blog

–         Blog of technical support amongst staff

–         The opening of a youtube channel for the school

–         Wi-fi internet

–         Widespread use of ICT by staff and students

–         Multimedia and interactive presentations prepared by teachers and students and shown during assemblies as follow ups of educational visits or activities held in classes

–         Introduction of smart boards

–         Production of a school DVD

–         School administrative tasks online

–         Collaboration with national and international entities

–         Hands on experience on ICT and Media

–         Projection facilities in classrooms

The future

Our vision as a pathfinder school:

–         to be leaders in eLearning

–         integrate ICT throughout the curriculum

–         have interactive whiteboard systems throughout the school

–         introduce multi mice systems in classrooms

–         set up a film recording studio

–         make us of robotics

–         introduce a roaming computer laboratory

–         strengthen and increase the number of class websites

–         continuous training for staff

–         maximize students’ learning through ICT

–         increase collaboration internally and externally through ICT

–         web conferencing with local and international schools

–         children’s blogs and hands on sessions

–         empower children with audio-visual skills

–         involvement and access of parents

–         be a leader in the community to create a learning community

–         collaborate with local entities and organisation

–         be a mentor school for local and international schools

Our Stakeholders

It has been thoroughly researched that to embrace innovation and be successful in its implementation a school has to engage with a number of varied stakeholders with different outlooks. The identified stakeholders for the Pathfinder Programme are:

The Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE)

The College Principal – Mr. Mario Testa M.Ed

The Senior Management Team of the School led by Ms. Lina Deguara (Head of School)

The Innovative Schools Project Co-ordinator Mr. Mark Azzopardi

Microsoft Malta – Ms. Fabianne Ruggier

The e-learning education officers and staff within the e-learning centre (DQSE)

The educators and staff within the school

The St. Paul’s Bay Local Council and local entities in St.Paul’s Bay

Business Partners

Together we are working to consolidate the school’s innovative programme. Our belief is that a problem is not an obstacle, but a challenge that we can overcome. We want to lead by our example so that other schools within the College, and other schools around Malta and Gozo, can be more innovative. Thus we can offer the best for the children who must be fully equipped to work and live in this fast evolving and globalised world.

2 thoughts on “Innovative Schools Programme

  1. On behalf of the first certified Living Lab in Malta on user centric open innovation, we would like happy to take a part somehow to offering the awareness and the larger test-beds over Malta and outside of your excellent project.

    Thank you to send us your updated infos, events, workshops etc.

    my best regards,

    Mrs Tünde Kallai
    Founder of Living Lab Malta

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