Children cleaning the beach…

Over the years, it has become something very common to see someone neglecting the ‘hungry’ bin 4 meters away! Whether it is the driver in front of you with his cigarette, the guy next to you on the beach eating ice-cream and sprinkling bits and pieces of paper all over the sand, or ourselves who for a moment forget about the environment, it’s happening in front of the children who sadly enough are growing in this reality.

This week, the children of St. Paul’s Bay Primary Class 5.1, together with a group of teachers, LSAs and parents went to clean up the tiny beach just beneath the school. With everyone’s effort, we collected a huge amount of trash of all types. Even the seabed was cleaned, as our group of parents and children divers, gave us a helping hand. The kids learned how to be responsible and how important it is not to be indifferent towards the environment, the same environment we all share. They started recognising the difficulty of resolving the problems caused by others. In a corner, they found ducks’ eggs surrounded by rubbish and plastic. They weren’t very pleased!

Consequently, we wanted the children to know that each and every one of them needs to put a positive effort to be able to make the difference ! 

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