Ebooks for children

Some parents know that books are expensive especially when trying to make both ends meet. Yet in Year6.4 we are giving a list of free books. These books are not printed (we save paper and money), they are available for download in particular places on the internet.

This is another practical way of encouraging reading during childhood. We always insist that the practical example of parents reading a book serves as the biggest catalyst. Let’s start reading then!

This year, children in this class are being introduced to reading by looking for ebooks. Ebooks are not printed books. One can access them on the mobile phone, personal computer, ipad or ereader.

In an ebook reader, one can hold around 5,000 books! One can share one’s books, write a note, highlight, lend books electronically or borrow, look for the word in a dictionary…all without using a biro or any type of pen but just pressing one’s finger on the ebook. Here is the album full of photos of children reading and the ereader.

For other information visit the class website of Year 6.4 by clicking here.

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