Celebration Day

Celebration Day was held at our school to celebrate the effort and success of many students in our school. During this celebration year 5 children presented a show that took those present for a trip around Europe. The show included acting, singing and dancing. Books were distributed to those children who participated in various initiatives during the year and also to those who did special effort to improve holistically.

One thought on “Celebration Day

  1. I am very glad to say that i was present at the celebration day! very well done to all involved on the day.
    I really enjoyed it although i must say that i wasnt very eager to come, thought it would be the usual prize day.
    what i was most impressed about was the fact that the children werent prized just for their academic abitlities only but for being good example for others, which it excatly the true meaning of being a good citizen!
    if i may i was a little disappointed on 2 issues.
    1: our ticket permitted only 1 person (which was a downer for my husband who already had booked a day leave just to come attend)
    2: after tha play (it was great) most of the parents left.
    WEll great job done keep up your good work! thanks to all

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