Children planting ‘gulbiena’

As part of the Christmas preparations, year 4 children started planting the ‘gulbiena’. In Malta it is traditional to sow wheat, grain and canary seed, ‘gulbiena’, on cotton buds in flat pans five weeks before Christmas. These are left in dark corners  until the seeds produce white grass-like shoots. The pans with the fully-grown shoots are then used to decorate the crib or the statue of Baby Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Children planting ‘gulbiena’

  1. I have many nice memories of this Maltese Christmas tradition! Although now I reside in Sicily, I try to continue this tradition with my fiveyear-old daughter, Ann Marie.

    • Children, this woman is the best teacher I’ve ever had!! I learned from her many things that now I am passing to you 🙂


    • Hello Ann Marie, here are Dieter & Martina (a nice couple) from East Germany.
      We’ve a friendship in Malta. We receive a mail just again with speaking about Christmas, also about “gulbiena”.
      It is interesting to read, that you had been in Malta and now in Sicily.

      We like are interested about other cultures and do like have friends from abroad.
      Please tell us more of your Island and yourselves.

      Be sure, next mail about us with a photo.

      Dieter & Martina

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